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This Cold Water kit boasts 135 kits, each with 19 servings of fast and filling nutrition when 135 people in your workforce must evacuate or stay in place for less than 3 days to be rescued or the worst is yet to pass. Ideal for linemen, first responders, military, and others who are at the frontline to help people get through emergencies this is the best choice to save time and keep going. With more than 800 U.S. counties in disaster zones, it is critical for businesses, hospitals, schools, organizations, nuclear power plants, and other High-Reliability Organizations (HRO's) to include portable food as part of their Emergency and Disaster Plans. Secure Foods 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit is convenient and reliable nutrition whether on the go or when sheltering in place. Just add cold water to enjoy when hungry.

72 Hour Emergency Food Kits, 1 Pallet of 135 Boxes

SKU: 99235PL
    • 19 heavy-duty, sealed mylar pouches for freshness and convenience
    • Calories: 5940  for 135 people
    • Servings: 19 for 135 People
    • Shelf life: up to 25 years
    • 3.3 pounds of food for 135 People
    • Package Dimentions: 12.1x9.4x8.5"
    • Pallet Dims: 48 x 40 inch
    • Pallet Height: 83"
    • Number of Packages on Pallet: 135
    • Number of Layers: 9
    • Total Pallet Weight: 621 LBS
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