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Menus and Plans

All of our menus and plans are created and cleared through a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who works day after day in one of the most challenging cities for healthcare in the world, New York. 

The average adult needs a minimum of calories, protein, and fiber to keep working at full potential, especially over longer durations. Your organization, however, may require a customized plan to augment and support anticipated needs. 

For example, in a hospital, the ratio between patients and staff may vary considerably, increasing the daily caloric needs of operational staff during an emergency but keeping consistent the lower requirements of less active patients. 

For companies like Delta Airlines, many workers have physically active jobs. Additional calories and nutrition are needed to keep everyone sharp-minded and physically strong. In other companies, such as accounting firms, the staff's energy is spent on mental tasks requiring fewer calories and less nutritional enrichment. 

Every duration kit (kits designed to sustain us for a specific period) includes a printed version of a meal plan.


Download all suggested meal plans for the duration kits here.

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