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Welcome! It's a pleasure to meet you, and we hope you find our website and resources informative and beneficial. We are Kwiyoung and David Baumgarten, a husband and wife team dedicated to a world where compassionate businesses and organizations care for their workforce with enough emergency food to get through difficult times.

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Our Story



Sitting together, witnessing the increasing disasters that devastate the lives of millions of American workers and their families, David Baumgarten and I decided that we wanted to do something to help.


You see, the most basic needs become scarce for people during disasters – food, water, shelter, and community. In fact, even in disaster-prone areas, many businesses, organizations, and communities seem to be caught off-guard, and employees scatter to fend for themselves…ending up in FEMA lines for the basics and unable to return to work for days, weeks, and months; and sometimes never. Loss of key personnel is devastating to business continuity.


How do we make a positive difference in the way companies adapt, manage, and respond to disasters? What if businesses added a simple way to help support their valuable employees through challenging times? These questions guided us as we concluded, “let’s encourage businesses to put nutritious food directly into the hands of their valuable workforce. Let’s ready American businesses.” 


A Harvard study says, “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance…” which means essential workers in places such as hospitals, nuclear power plants, transportation, food growing and processing, refineries, and so many more industries, need to be able to think clearly and work safely. Further, a nourished workforce may return more quickly to join their work family and rebuild operations to secure their collective jobs, source of income, and co-worker community.


According to this Forbes article, “In these uncertain times, how you treat your employees will be remembered for years to come. How businesses respond will have a lasting impact on employee behavior, including engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Health and well-being, financial stability, and job security are top concerns for employees right now, and employers can help address those fears in meaningful ways.”


Thus, Forever Farms LLC and the Secure Foods brand were born.


Now, we have turned an idea into something that inspires organizations to see the value of food as a form of insurance for businesses, their employees, and the people they serve. 

Kwiyoung Baumgarten, Founder

David Baumgarten, Founder

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