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About Secure Foods

Our Organization

Secure Foods is doing something about the alarming rate of disasters impacting millions of American workers and their families; by compelling businesses and organizations to be self-reliant and store enough non-perishable emergency food, our nation's workforce will have enough nutritious food to eat during challenging times. After all, it’s people who keep the lights on, people who make on-time deliveries, and people who care for our loved ones. 

The Conscious Capitalism movement boasts of balancing profits with caring for people and the planet. What better way to help people than with food during hard times? This supports primary enterprise risk management goals for organizations from disaster to recovery. 

Secure Foods Brand is a registered trademark of Forever Farms, a certified Minority- and Woman-Owned Business in Highlands, NC.

Our Mission

Before disaster strikes, we prepare businesses, organizations, and communities with high-quality, non-perishable, delicious food as an emergency lifeline for teams and the people they serve.

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