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Product Catalog

The Secure Foods catalog displays the various Duration Kits, from 72- hours up to 30 days, as well as nutritious ways to augment those kits for additional health, quality calories, and variety. 

Download it here!

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A Guide to Food Prep - A Booklet

We are sure you’re aware of the difficulties being faced by workers in America today. Our book, Emergency Food Prep and Nutrition is designed to help people combat pertinent and escalating issues that plague the food system and economic system that is increasing food insecurity worldwide.

This item is on sale now for digital download here, or via Amazon

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Meal Planning Guides

All of our Duration Kits (kits designed to sustain us for a specific period) include a printed version of a meal plan.

You can walk through each day and get a sense of the variety, calories and nutrition you and your team will be provided. 

Download meal plans for the Duration Kits here.

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