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Secure Foods: Founders Message

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Secure Foods mission is to help companies ensure business continuity through disasters, and to the point when their communities are able to recover.

We started Secure Foods as we dealt with our own business risks at the start of the pandemic and realized that if our employees did not have food in a disaster, they would not be coming to work. Instead, they would switch to survival mode focusing on looking after their families. When we recognized that this was a huge risk to the continuity of our small business and a big risk for all businesses, especially those that are critical to recovery, Secure Foods was born.

We have learned a lot about the food supply chain and how fragile it can be. In the years since we started, freight costs have more than doubled, raw ingredients have gone up about 25 percent, and what used to take a couple days to get to us, now can take months! Some items, such as strawberries are nearly impossible to get a hold of while other items, such as salt remain readily available. Packaging costs are up nearly double and like so many businesses in the U.S.A., employees have been hard to find as growth accelerates.

How should you think about Secure Foods? Just like any other business insurance. When you purchase Secure Foods long-life (up to 25 years) food supplies, you are purchasing an insurance policy for your workforce, and potentially their families, depending on the business continuity policy you implement.

Buying Secure Foods to keep your workforce and their families going for 1-3-6 months is a one-time cost that will not break the budget when you compare the cost of other forms of business insurance when you spread the cost over 25 years. Buy once, and you're insured for up to 25 years! What other insurance offers you that? What's more, you could decide that after 10-15-20 years, you would like to donate this food to a good cause and refresh your own supply. That donation would then be tax deductible, further reducing the cost to you, the business owner.

Natural disasters are on the rise due to climate change. For a better understanding of how much your city is at risk, read our article "University of Notre Dame Warns Cities of Low Readiness, High Risk"

Inflation. Yes, it too is rising and not about to subside anytime soon. At just 5 percent annual inflation, your food would cost you over 3x what it costs you today in 25 years time. That alone makes buying long-term food as insurance, a sensible investment in your company's future.

We stand behind all our products at Secure Foods and wish you the best of luck in your business as you successfully navigate these uncertain times. We've been in the international distribution business since 1948, and have learned how to serve our customers well. We look forward to being a part of your emergency and disaster preparedness and recovery solution.

To Your Resilience,

KwiYoung and David Baumgarten



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