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Food Support for Enterprise Risk Management

Whether you are in the business of enterprise risk management or a professional homeowner putting together your emergency plan in today’s volatile conditions is paramount survival.

A couple years back my wife, Kwiyoung, and I took a great interest in learning about food and nutrition and how, over time, the family became more and more at risk to food insecurity. We worry that when times get tougher people suffer and started looking for ways to ameliorate the lack of resources the average worker was being faced with and subsequent negative effects on health, education and good decision making in the family unit.

We set ourselves, with the help of CDN (certified Dietary Nutritionist) to get educated, do a deeper dive into this subject, and draw the parallels between our ancestors and what they went through for us, the Great Depression, and what we appear to be facing yet again on this small globe we call home.

Then out poured this little book, a co-authoring of our studies together, that brings together the basics of nutrition with a history and understanding of what sustains us and how it was done prior to the industrial revolution and refrigeration. We also attempt to bring in some creativity so we can both loosen our standards and be creative about how we may need to get our families fed in the near future.

We hope this little book brings some peace of mind and sparks some culinary vision for our readers along the way.



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