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With 216 servings, each of the 77 vegetarian burger boxes will nourish the workforce by offering a delicious variety when cereals such as rice and beans disappear from grocery shelves. Along with canned food, dried foods are among the first five items to sell out when disasters strike. One cup of black beans offers 15 grams of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. With a robust and complex flavor even meat-lovers will enjoy, Secure Foods Veggie Burgers are a healthy option that anticipates the needs and palates of a diverse workforce.

216 Veggie Burger kits, 1 Pallet of 77 Boxes

SKU: 43300PL
    • Pallet: 48 x 40 inches
    • Pallet Height: 80
    • Number of packages: 77
    • Number of layers: 7
    • 36 sealed mylar pouches for freshness and convenience
    • 25,920 total calories
    • 216 servings
    • Shelf life: Up to 25 years
    • Package Dimensions: 14.4x10.3x10.5"
    • Total weight: 1401.4 lbs
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