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168 people will get 46 servings and 2330 calories per day with 52 grams of protein to stay nourished through short-term emergencies or when sheltering in place until help arrives. As the workforce are the lifeblood of business continuity, if your location profile is high-risk for hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, and other emergency events, Secure Foods 1 Person 4 Day Kit includes 6 varieties of food for 4 full days, ensuring your critical workers have an abundance of sustenance for both physical and mental stressors when they need it the most.


These kits are ideal at Emergency Operation Centers, staff hospital kitchens, and other back-office support to frontline emergency responders.

1 Person 4 Days Emergency Food Kits, 1 Pallet of 168 Boxes

SKU: 99230PL
    • 6 heavy-duty, sealed mylar pouches for freshness and convenience
    • 9,320 total calories x 168 People
    • 46 servings x 168 People
    • Shelf life: up to 25 years
    • Dimensions of boxes: 12.1x10.3x5.5
    • Pallet Dims: 48 x 40 inch
    • Numer of Kits: 168
    • Numer of layers: 14
    • Total weight: 924 lbs
    • Pallet Height: 83.5
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