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260 servings to sustain 42 adults or children through a 14 day emergency. This kit offers a combination of protein, carbs, vegetables, and fruit to make sensible, nutritious meal options. With 14 food varieties to enjoy, you will have peace-of-mind that your workforce will avoid the distress of empty grocery shelves. Organizations can plan to be self-reliant through emergencies and disasters by investing in food as recovery insurance. When more than 800 U.S counties are at risk of fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and snowstorms, disruption to businesses in those areas are inevitable. Make Secure Foods 1 Person 14 Days Kit a part of your resilience strategy to ensure that your teams stay strong and able to support business recovery.

1 Person 14 Days Emergency Food Kits, 1 Pallet of 42 Boxes

SKU: 99460PL

    • Pallet: 48 x 40 inch
    • Pallet Height: 79.3"
    • 34480 total calories x 42 people
    • Number of kits: 42
    • Number of layers: 7
    • 260 servings x 42 people
    • Shelf Life: up to 25 years
    • 25 sealed mylar pouches for freshness and convenience
    • Package Dimentions: 15.3x15.3x10.4"
    • Total weight: 869.4 lbs
      Surface usage: 72.9%
      Volume usage: 66.4%
      Pallet Height: 79.3
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