Before disaster strikes

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Being prepared can mean survival, not just for the people who keep businesses functioning, but for those businesses themselves. It’s our mission to help organizations and communities become self-reliant and have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that nutritional needs will be met no matter the emergency. 

2,500,000 Acres

Destroyed by Fire in 2020

93% of Hospitals

Sheltered in Place

During Hurricane Sandy of 2012

75% of Physicians

Left New Orleans after Katrina in 2005

$200 Billion of Losses

In Hospitals Alone in 2017

Effects of Some Recent Disasters

The American workforce continues to be significantly and negatively affected by climate change events that cause mass migration away from their homes, family, and businesses toward the security of other locations. 

Organizations of all types have lost a base of well-trained employees, an operational catastrophe that can be as harmful as the physical devastation.

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100% of your donation goes to our fund that buys food at cost for Feeding America.

We are not a tax-deductible organization, however, through us your donation goes a lot farther. 


In high risk areas around the United States that have been hit hardest by climate events, we have a team of volunteers, employees, and business owners, helping lead the charge to have organizations and communities be ready with food and water for any anticipated event. Please inquire how you can help an organization in your area get ahead in this effort.